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Information Technology

IT courses must provide broad coverage of all major computing areas to prepare the graduate for the vast range of IT professions available today.

The world's largest computing society, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) says:

"IT programs aim to provide IT graduates with the skills and knowledge to take on appropriate professional positions in Information Technology upon graduation and grow into leadership positions or pursue research or graduate studies in the field"

From the laboratory to the boardroom, the full spectrum of IT professions covers almost all work environments imaginable: business, government, research, local, national or global organizations.

The major categories and some of the more common job titles are given below. Armed with your IT degree find the path that suits your passion and ambition!

Specialist Managers
Chief Information Officer
ICT Project Manager
Business and Systems Analysts and Programmers
Systems Analyst Alternative title: Computer Analyst
ICT Business Analyst Alternative titles: BA; Business Consultant
Analyst Programmer Alternative titles: A/P; Programmer Analyst
Developer Programmer Alternative titles: Applications Developer; Developer; Programmer
Software Engineer Alternative titles: Software Architect; Software Designer
Multimedia Specialist Alternative titles: Graphical Programmer; Multimedia Technician
Web Developer
ICT Network and Support Professionals
Network Administrator Alternative titles: LAN Administrator; LAN Programmer; Network Operator; Network Specialist; Network Support; Network Technician
Network Analyst Alternative titles: LAN Analyst; LAN Engineer; Network Consultant; Network Designer; Network Engineer; Network Planner; Network Strategist
Network and Systems Engineer
ICT Quality Assurance Engineer Alternative titles: Quality Analyst; Quality Manager; Quality Specialist
ICT Systems Test Engineer
ICT Support Engineer Alternative titles: Support Analyst; Support Architect
Telecommunications Network Engineer Alternative titles: Communications Consultant; Communications Technician; Communications Specialist (ICT); Telecommunications Consultant; Telecommunications Specialist; Telecommunications Technician
Telecommunications Design, Development and Research Engineer
Telecommunications Engineer
Database and Systems Administrators and ICT Security
Database Administrator Alternative titles: Database Operator; Database Specialist; Database Support; DBA
Systems Administrator Alternative titles: Systems Admin
ICT Security Specialist Alternative titles: Security Administrator
Design, Engineering and Science Professionals
Graphic Designer Alternative titles: Commercial Artist; Graphic Artist
Web Designer
Multimedia Designer
Business, Human Resource and Marketing Professionals
ICT Trainer Alternative titles: ICT Educator
ICT Sales Representative
ICT Business Development Manager
ICT Account Manager
Science, Engineering and ICT Technicians
ICT Customer Support Officer Alternative titles: ICT Help Desk Officer; Systems Support Officer
Hardware Technician
Web Administrator Alternative titles: Systems Manager
ICT Support Technicians