A program of cooperative Industry Based Learning in Information Technology operates at La Trobe University, Bendigo, in conjunction with a number of Industry Partners. For 2015 these partners are:

  • Bendigo Bank (4 two-placement scholarships) based in Bendigo
  • LMRHA (1 one-placement scholarship) based in Bendigo

Bendigo IT students may apply to be considered for this scholarship program, and selection is based on academic results and interviews. An initial selection interview is conducted at La Trobe University, Bendigo, with a second interview by a panel consisting of the Industry Based Learning (IBL) coordinator and representatives from each of the industry partners.

The scholarship program includes enrolment in two subjects, Industry Based Learning A (CSE3IBA and Industry Based Learning B (CSE3IBB) in the Bachelor of Information Technology degree (and any double degree involving the Bachelor of Information Technology), and the Bachelor of Information Technology (Professional). These two subjects are essentially replacements for Major Projects and two elective subjects usually undertaken by students in their final year of study in these degrees (for further details of course structures, select the course name from the single degree or double degree list in the Undergraduate Handbook entry for the School).

Students who participate in this program will normally take at three and a half years to complete the requirements for the award of the Bachelor of Information Technology, and four and a half years to complete the requirements for the award of a double degree.

Details regarding application can be found here.

Staffing 2012
Mary Martin, Lecturer
Dr. KC Chan
Computer Science
& Computer Engineering
La Trobe University, Bendigo

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