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These subjects provide a student with the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge learnt in other subjects in the course and to gain practical experience in the IT professions. The subjects also focus on improving a student's problem solving skills and communication abilities.

Aims of the Industry Experience Subjects

To allow the student to:

  • Experience work within the information technology industry and receive credit for it towards their course.
  • Gain experience in documenting the work performed (even if this is not required by the employer)
  • Improve problem solving skills and communication abilities
  • Learn to reflect on the learning outcomes of their experiences.

Class Requirements

Full time employment of an information technology nature with an approved industry year employer. The student must submit an Industry Year Proposal to be accepted into the subjects.


In most subjects studied at University the lecturer determines the content and the methods required for the students to learn that content. However, in Industry Experience it is anticipated that much of the knowledge the student is required to gain in order to perform his/her tasks will be determined by the student in collaboration with his/her employer. So it is the student's responsibility to inform his/her academic supervisor, not only about what learning is required, but also about how the student goes about acquiring that knowledge.

Assessment criteria for each Industry Experience subject are:

Assessment Type % Comments
Reflective Diary (blog) 45 Submitted on a weekly basis and including answers to follow-up questions raised by the supervisor
2o Min Presentation 10 Presentations are to be given at the end of each semester. The structure of the presentation is left up to you but should briefly cover the content of your written report. Length is 20 minutes plus question time.
Written report  (~2000 words) 45 This report documents your experience in undertaking your work. Your ongoing documentation (reflective diary - blog) may be included as an appendix in this assessment.

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