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About this Subject

In this unit students will build on foundation studies in Computer Networks and Data Communications to examine "real world" issues in large-scale networking. Students will understand issues of scalability in the global Internet and multi-protocol contexts. Students will gain experience in configuring typical internetworking components. Content : The internetwork model. Overview of layered protocols and the history of large-scale internetworking. Review of the TCP/IP protocol architecture. Review of modern LAN technology. Internetwork routing : interior and exterior routing. Autonomous systems. Scalable routing protocols and router configuration. OSPF, IGRP and EIGRP, BGP. Multi-protocol issues in the WAN context. Carrier options : ISDN, frame Relay, ATM, SONET. Other issues : Encapsulation and VPNs, impact of new multimedia traffic types, Qos, IPv6 migration.


CSE2CN/CSE3BCN [Business] Computer Networks