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  • Prerequisites: None.
  • These pages provide the lecture, tutorial and assignment material for the CSE1ITF IT Fundamnetals.
  • Other material including the subject learning guide can be found on the LMS site.
  • I hope you find this subject an interesting, enjoyable and rewarding learning experience!

Semester Notices

  • 27th March: Assignment 1 is available!
  • 27th April: Assignment 2 is available!
  • 25th June: Assignment 2 is available to be picked up from the Business Building Office!

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the principles of the operations of a computer.
  • Identify and discuss the functions of the main hardware components of a computer.
  • Describe the main functions of an operating system and the role of utility software.
  • Differentiate between the main types of computer networks, be able to explain the purpose of the major network components and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of different data communication media.
  • Analyse and specify the hardware requirements for a simple system.
  • Identify the different types of Ecommerce, describe how they are used and outline their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Analyse a simple problem and develop a spreadsheet to model the problem.
  • Design and construct basic web pages using HTML and style sheets.
  • Develop and interpret simple database tables, queries and reports.
  • Identify and discuss relatively clear-cut ethical issues related to Information Technology.

Topics Covered

  • The main hardware units of the computer; how they work, how they are interconnected and how processing is controlled in the computer.
  • Input and output devices.
  • How data is stored internally and externally.
  • Comparison of storage media.
  • Introduction to multiprocessing and multiprogramming computers.
  • Introduction to telecommunications.
  • Introduction to system software, including operating systems.
  • Spreadsheets.
  • Web page construction.
  • Database.
  • E Commerce.






Staffing 2012

Photo of Mary Martin

Mary Martin
Senior Lecturer
Computer Science
& Computer Engineering

La Trobe University, Bendigo
Office: Bus 1.19
Phone: 5444 7312

Text Book

Shelly, G & Vermaat, M. (2011). Discovering Computers 2011 (Introductory). Boston, U.S.A: Course Technology.

The previous edition of the text book is also suitable.