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Major and Minor Projects provide the opportunity for students to use the tools and techniques covered in the course to date in the development of a system. The purpose of these subjects is to learn by systematically working through the appropriate steps of project development.

This subject is coordinated with all project subjects in the Faculty of Science, Technology and Engineering. Dr Sabine Wilkins is your Project Subject Coordinator. Dr K.C. Chan is your IT supervisor and approves specific projects to IT project students. All enrolled project students have access to subject information on the University's Subject Site (LMS) for SCI3PRJ.


Assessment Type % Comments
Project Dcumentation 60 This is the documentation belonging to the project. For example, the user and help documentation associated with a website that has been developed.
2o min group Presentation 10 This time assumes a group size of 3 - 4 people. For single person projects ( including Professional Work experience) the presentation time is 10 minutes only.
Project Report 30 This report documents your experience in undertaking the project. Your onging documentation (blog) is included in this assessment.

Dr Sabine Wilkens
Pharmacy & Applied Science

Dr Ka Ching Chan
Computer Science
& Computer Engineering
La Trobe University, Bendigo


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