Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes -- E.W. Dijkstra


Welcome to the La Trobe University, Bendigo subject Web Engineering (CSE3WE), running in semester 1, 2014.


6th May: Assignment 2 Available

Assignment 2 is now available! You've got until the last day of semester to work on this, but experience predicts you're probably going to need all of that time!

6th May: Assignment 1 Deadline Extended

If you haven't finished first assignment, don't panic. If you need an extra week, take it. I've extended the submission deadline for everyone, because I know a lot of you are having problems getting it working.

15th April: Assignment 1 Updated

The first assignment has had a few small edits to clarify what you're expected to do.

8th April: Assignment 1 Available

Assignment 1 is now available! Get started on this soon, because there's not a lot of time between now and week 9!

25th March: Online Sessions

From today onwards, your lecturer/tutor is available 12-1pm on Tuesday for online consultation in regard to the unit material.

19th March: Change of lecture room

As from the lecture on Tuesday 25th March, all Web Engineering classes will now be held in room B1.38. As previously advised, the lecture will start at 1pm with the lab class (in B1.08, as usual) at 3pm.

18th March: Change of lecture time confirmed

As mooted last week, our weekly lecture will now be held at 1pm. For today only, we'll start in our usual room (B2.32) and we'll have to move to B2.05 (our usual tute room) at 2pm for the second half of the class. From there, we'll move to B1.08 for the lab at 3pm.

11th March: Proposal to shift lecture time to 1pm

There's been some interest in moving the lectures an hour later, from 1-3pm, same location. This will tie in with a few extra "requirements" for the unit, which will be explained in today's lecture.

11th March: Guidelines for the use of the "homepage" server

You should be aware of the Instructions for use of the CS "homepage" server. Also, I'm now informed that you should be logging into the latcs5... system for command-line access to the server, not latcs7... as previously advised. The unit materials have (mostly) been updated to reflect this change.