La Trobe University
Computer Science & Information Technology
Proposed Offering - Bendigo
Unit Details Link Syllabus Link 2016 Prerequisites
Level One Units Sem1 Sem2
IT Fundamentals CSE1ITF D - nil
Information Systems CSE1IS - D CSE1ITF
Intermediate Object-Oriented Programming CSE1IOO D - CSE1OOF
Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals CSE1OOF - D CSE1PE
Programming Environment CSE1PE D - nil
Level Two Units Sem1 Sem2
Business Programming Concepts CSE2BPC - D 1CSE1PE
Computer Networks CSE2CN D - CSE1ITF, CSE1PE
Database Fundamentals CSE2DBF - D CSE1ITF, CSE1OOF
IS Development CSE2ISD D - CSE1IS
Minor Project CSE2MIP D - CSE1IS, CSE1OOF
Web Development CSE2WD D - CSE1ITF
Level Three Units Sem1 Sem2
Business Computer Networks CSE3BCN D - CSE1ITF, CSE1PE
Industry Based Learning CSE3IB D D By application only
Industry Experience Year CSE3IE D D By application only
Internetworking CSE3INW D - CSE2CN, CSE3DC
Major Project CSE3MP - D CSE1IOO, CSE2ISD
Object-Oriented Application Development CSE3OAD - D CSE1IOO
Professional Environment CSE3PE - D Final year only
Software Engineering CSE3SE - - CSE1IOO, CSE2ISD
Web Engineering CSE3WE D - CSE1IOO, CSE2CN
Web Services CSE3WS - D CSE1IOO, CSE2WD


  • Units with names "Business ..." are not available in the BIT Programs
  • The Planned Offering codes: D=Day, N=Night, - =No
  • Offerings may change depending on student demand and staff availability.